sponsorshipMake an important investment in your community, your company, and the great music of Richmond.

Richmond will become the center of the organ universe in June of 2017. You have the opportunity to take part in this event by sponsoring all or parts of the much anticipated gathering of world-class musicians and educators. We anticipate more than 250 organists, choir directors, and music directors will be here to celebrate great organs and music.

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For more information, email 2017sponsors@richmondago.org


Full Convention Sponsorship

This is a fantastic opportunity to invest in your company with signage, promotional items, program recognition, and much more in one inclusive package. Your company’s name will appear on ALL conference materials given to every conferee.

Event Sponsorship
Opening Event: $6,000, or $3,000 shared event
Closing Event: $6,000, or $3,000 shared event

Support a major event. As a sponsor of an opening or closing event, your company will be brought to the attention of attendees as well as other community supporters from across the region. Deliver your message for as little as $3,000. All sponsors will appear in the credits for each event.

Social Gathering / Meal Sponsorships

Promote awareness of your company at our social gathering in a relaxed atmosphere for $2,500.
Meal sponsorships are available for $500.

Concert / Recital Sponsorship

At $1,500, you’ll be supporting an exciting special event.

Workshop Sponsorship

$200 will help us defray the cost of bringing in these outstanding educators.

Convention Bag

Groceries, kids’ books, or music can be carried in these great convention bags. Your logo will be there all year long. $1,000.


Promote your company at the convention with your supplied lanyard. Your logo will be seen by all conferees. $100.

Water Bottle

Help refresh the thirsty attendees. They’ll receive this great refillable water bottle with your logo! $1,000.

Bag Stuffers / Registration Welcome

Supply us with your piece of promotional material and it will be added to the welcome packets given to ALL attendees. $100 per insert.

Program Book Ads (Learn more)

The program book will be distributed to all convention attendees.

Exhibit (Learn more )
There will be more than 16 hours of exhibit time over four days. Table and chair will be supplied, or you may use your own booth materials at these informative and fun meet-and-greets.

For more information, email 2017sponsors@richmondago.org