Many volunteers will be needed to help make the convention run smoothly.


We’re excited that you’re going be in Richmond for the Mid-Atlantic Regional Convention. We have a very specific need for volunteers for people who might be in town on Saturday, June 24 – we need singers!

This year’s AGO / Quimby Regional Competition for Young Organists is excited to have 5 competitors this year from around the region. The actual competition will occur on Saturday, June 24th and will begin at 1:00 PM. For the competition, each competitor plays 45 to 50 minutes of organ music in front of a jury of 3 judges. One of the pieces of music that each student must play is the accompaniment of a congregational hymn. We are asking for volunteers to sing these hymns while the students play the hymn – in essence, to be the congregation.

  • The competition will take place on SATURDAY, JUNE 24, 2017.
  • The location is Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church, 1627 Monument Avenue, Richmond (in the first block west of Lombardy and Monument, at Stuart Circle)
  • The competition begins at 1:00 PM and will be completed by 6:00 PM.
  • All voice parts are needed.
  • Each competitor will play for up to 50 minutes, beginning on the hour, with the congregation hymn being played sometime during that period.
  • The hymns will vary by competitor and will be familiar. The competitor will play an introduction and three verses for the congregation, with possible alternate harmonization on the last verse.
  • The congregation should sing unison on the first and last verses, and parts on the second verse.
  • A break of no less than 10 minutes after each competitor will be used to allow for the transition to the next competitor.
  • Please arrive on time, and enter the church through the front door on Monument Avenue.
  • Volunteers need to stay for a full 50-minute block, beginning on the hour and ending with a competitor’s completion, and are needed for each of the five competitors’ time block.
  • You may stay for just one or for more competitors, as you are able.

Questions? Can you help out with this?

Contact Kenna Payne at 272-9656 or to volunteer, or with any questions.