The Choir at the Church of the Epiphany is a mixture of volunteers and professionals where 8 professional section leaders augment 12 volunteers. The church’s musical tradition has been nurtured for many years by musicians who have brought their artistic and innovative ideas to a church continually morphing into a variety of guises – not untypical of any urban, downtown ecclesiastical institution.

Past Music Directors have included Charles Callahan, James Buonemani, and Eric Plutz. Currently Jeremy Filsell leads Epiphany’s music program. 

The Church of the Epiphany on G Street NW in Washington DC was founded in 1842. The new church building was consecrated in 1852 and within six years, the congregation had established the Epiphany Church home to help the poor and sick, a social ministry that still exists today. Soon enough, the American Civil War split the congregation.

Senator Jefferson Davis rented pew no. 14, and three of his children were confirmed at the church, but after secession, when Davis moved to Richmond VA, and became the Confederacy’s President, the pew was rented by Secretary of War Edwin Stanton. On March 6, 1862, President Abraham Lincoln attended the funeral of General Frederick Lander at the church.

In the Spring of 1893, Epiphany’s choir became the first mixed vested choir in the city and music has since remained one of the church’s primary ministries. Today, Epiphany, only half a block from Metro Center on the red, blue, and orange lines, provides a spiritual focus for all people representative of the Washington metropolitan community. Diverse in race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, class, age, theology, ability, politics, and socio-economic status, Epiphany welcomes all who seek a place of acceptance, affirmation and inspiration.

The church was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1971.

Hear the Choir at the Church of the Epiphany in concert